The Historical Origins of all-Things Graphic Design

It goes without saying that Graphic Design is… you guessed it… the art of designing graphics. In a more professional sense, however, it is the professional process of creating visual content to communicate messages. Although the term “Graphic Designer” was coined in 1922, we believe that its origins can be traced back to the start [...]
Golden Ratio

Applying the Golden Ratio to Design

In its simplest form, the Golden Ratio is the relationship between two or more elements. From flowers to shells and from galaxies to oceanic waves, the formation of the Golden Ratio is present across all aspects of life. See example below of the Mona Lisa, which was painted according to the principles of the Golden Ratio:

The Art of Social Media

As the general public becomes increasingly absorbed in their online lives, Social Media platforms are latching onto this craving and offering even more opportunities for businesses to market themselves online. As this change transpires, it is important for online strategies to go through an evolution in order to keep ahead of the pack. However, many […]

2017 Graphic Design Trends

As designers, we tend to find inspiration at unimaginable times, in unthinkable places. 2017 was no different as new Graphic Design trends peeked out of the woodwork and sent us on an incredible creative journey. Here’s what the world of Graphic Design looked like this year: 1. Minimalism In 2017, minimalism sure got its groove […]

Why does your business need a website?

As web developers, we often get asked about the benefits of having a website. The short answer is that it ultimately builds credibility and informs the public about why they should be making use of your services as opposed to those of your competitors. An intelligently designed website positions your business as a strong, professional […]




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