The Art of Social Media

As the general public becomes increasingly absorbed in their online lives, Social Media platforms are latching onto this craving and offering even more opportunities for businesses to market themselves online. As this change transpires, it is important for online strategies to go through an evolution in order to keep ahead of the pack. However, many companies have not yet mastered the art of Social Media and have remained in a state of using it as a tool for talking as opposed to a tool for listening.

It is important to note that the true power of Social Media Marketing comes at a cost. Yes, it may be free when it comes to organically growing your audience, but will this audience actually add value to your brand or business? Reaching the correct audience takes time, effort, analysis, research and money. Once you have mastered the idea of whom you need to target, the next step is to identify exactly what it is they want to hear from you.

The age-old trick of “let’s post more so that our customers see more” is undeniably one of the worst strategies that companies can adopt. In the past, Facebook helped its users “find relevant content”, which meant that one’s newsfeed was dominated by content from brands, corporates and news media. However, Mark Zuckerberg announced that in 2018, Facebook’s new goal would be to help its users “have more meaningful interactions”. This means that posts from friends, family and Facebook groups will now dominate each persons news feed. What does this mean for your business page? Spend more but post less!!

Social Media expert, Lori Ruff, once said: “Social Media is here. It’s not going away; not a passing fad. Be where your customers are: in Social Media”. In a nutshell, Social Media has got the world at its fingertips and organisations need to start dancing in the palm of its hand.





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