2017 Graphic Design Trends

As designers, we tend to find inspiration at unimaginable times, in unthinkable places. 2017 was no different as new Graphic Design trends peeked out of the woodwork and sent us on an incredible creative journey. Here’s what the world of Graphic Design looked like this year:

1. Minimalism

In 2017, minimalism sure got its groove back. In the past, it merely included the use of dreary black, white and grey palettes. However, this changed in 2017 when minimalism began focusing on huge pops of colour, while still stripping away all unnecessary elements.

2. Big, Bright, Bold Colours

Monotonous design schemes are totally last year. This year, we saw an influx of brands that began using bright, bold colours in their designs, coupled with some really impressive personalised designs.

3. Creating Chaos

Creating chaos goes hand in hand with bold colours. During 2017, leading brands began incorporating a mixed use of shapes, colours and patterns, while putting an end to the fresh, clean look that was sought after in more recent years.

4. Geometric Shapes

Although this trend is quite old school, the use of geometric designs began gaining popularity during 2016 and absolutely boomed during 2017. Geometric shapes seem to incorporate a sense of vibrancy within a brand that little else is able to do.

5. Colour Transitions

In mid 2016, Instagram changed their logo from a flat colour to a multi-coloured design with a transitional effect, but it was only in 2017 that brands really started hopping onto this bandwagon. We absolutely love this trend because it’s timeless and can be used anywhere from logos to buttons to graphs to simple backgrounds.

In conclusion, it is evident that intense colours, dramatic fonts and a mixed use of chaotic designs fueled the Graphic Design world in 2017. If you steered away from the excessively clean and clinical look that dominated recent years, your designs probably created a positive effect that will linger for years to come.





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